The Science

Healthy Lifestyle

We all know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. At Fit & Fun, ten years experience has consistently demonstrated that introducing children to physical education in a safe and fun environment will greatly enhance their physical and physiological development. This development encompasses many facets. When these facets are ‘pulled together’ they can pave the way to a brighter and healthier future. The flow chart right demonstrates how intrinsically linked the components of physical education are.

Holistic and Psyche

Not only does sport help to maintain a healthy body, it can also have benefits on the holistic and psyche of each individual. This is demonstrated in the diagram below.

The physical and physiological development of children diagram
Sports benefits on the holistic and psyche of each individual diagram

How We Can Help

Fit & Fun provide well structured physical education sessions. These sessions incorporate different sports and games in a safe environment to help your child fullfill their potential.

Each of our coaches has a wealth of experience in providing high quality sessions. We strive to maintain well balanced lessons in accordance to Ofsted physical activity guidelines for under 5s not capable of walking and under 5s capable of walking.